Thursday, November 11, 2010

Never Give Up....

has become my mantra.....Emma taught me this when she was two years old, and had been put down for her nap....when my daughter checked on her, Emma was lying in bed, wide awake and chanting "Never give up....never give up!"  I have been chanting this on a regular basis myself over the past six months!  `Many days, I have given in to the feelings of anxiety, fear and despair over not being able to find a job.  But many more days have found me chanting!  In my heart, I know that my inability to find a job has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the economy.....but it's difficult to block out the negative thoughts that tell me my success in the past was just a fluke, or that I'll never work again...that's where my mantra comes in.  I am choosing to view this time in my life as a growing period...and believe me, I'm stretching!  I've become willing to consider and to apply for many different types of employment....willing to change locations....willing to give up the known for the unknown.  I never thought that I would be in this place at my age, but the fact is, I am.  I know that I am not alone in this.  And I do have a choice....I can view this as the worst thing that has ever happened to me, or I can "faith it 'till I make it" , whatever that looks like.  Viewed with faith, my future looks bright even though I have no clear picture of what it will be like...kind of adventure!  In the meantime, I am keeping busy not only looking for employment, but also taking the time to notice and to feel all the good that life has to offer.  I am living my life, job or no job, and it feels good!  Thank you, Emma, for teaching me this most important lesson!  


  1. How have you got on with the TEFL course? Have you done it yet?

  2. and I'm sure your angel can't be too far away.........

  3. Awwwww, a lesson learned from a very wise yet adorable child!!!

    God bless and enjoy this day!!!

  4. All the platitudes in the world (when a door is closed a window is opened, this too shall pass, hang in there, it could be worse...)don't help a whole lot, do they?

    How about all of us hit by the economy just send really strong positive thoughts in all directions?
    And expect something decent to happen soon.


  5. Out of the mouths of babes!
    Hope for the very best for you.

  6. Keep on telling yourself...Never Give Up because take it from one who knows how tough this is for you. As you know, I've been there.

    Hang in there because I believe that no matter how difficult it is, good is on it's way. You've been blessed to be such a smart, beautiful, caring person with so many talents and of course, love for teaching. I'll be praying that you can use those gifts in the perfect job for you.

  7. I'm sending positive energy your way. Your granddaughter is right. What choice do you have but to keep fighting? Sometimes it's not the perfect job that is the answer. My fingers are crossed that you will find the job that will lead to a better future.

  8. Dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year.

  9. Someday you will look back and...
    You're right that you aren't alone.
    And not many of us really thought that, at this age, whatever ours might be, we'd be where we are.
    The sun keeps coming up every morning, and Life goes on.
    And, clearly, so will you.
    I am impressed at your positivity and flexibility and I *know* that it will all come right in the end.

  10. I don't believe your past success was a fluke - I believe it was complete credit to you! The economy is down at the moment ... it's global. The way society works today there are less jobs ... the industrial revolution is over ... Not having a job is a blip. Like you say 'never give up'. :)