Sunday, August 22, 2010

Questions and Decisions....

Oh, I am not comfortable at all where I am at the moment....months of job searching have been fruitless...I am currently living on my credit line....this is NOT who I thought that I was...someone who always had a plan accompanied by the drive and the bull-headedness to see my plan through to fruition....well, the cards are being shuffled and I don[t know what the hand I will be dealt will turn out to be....quite the unsettling place to be, I must say!  I still feel that I have some choices, this point, I am not liking any of them,,,my daughter has always said that she and her husband are planning on me eventually living with them...this is NOT an acceptable option for me...I spent a LONG time on the phone with my dearest brother in Colorado tonight...he is all for me coming to Colorado and staying with him and his wife until I figure things out;..I am so grateful for the safety net that he is offering, but it goes against everything that I believe that I am....I am just confused and unsettled...not certain as to what the right thing for ME is...I LOVE my little house and the life that I have carved out here in California....I don't want to upset the equilibrium that I have painstakingly achieved...but life is about changes, right?  Please keep me in your thougjhs and prayers as I work on figuring out what the right course of action for ME should be!  Thanks!  OX


  1. Oh, sorry for your problems!

    How about going to your brother's for just a week or two to get away and get a different perspective on things?

    And also to get some new don't have to take advice, but it sometimes helps to hear it and refuse it.

    Good luck darlin'

  2. I am sorry that your life is worrying you right now. Well you do have some major concerns but I can't help but feel everything will work out for you....something good is just around the corner. Good Luck.......:-)Hugs

  3. I will pray. I so understand what it feels like to feel the uncertainty and then lay it all in God's hands. My move to Oregon was exactly that. I trusted that God would know where it is that he wanted me to be. He opened the doors and here my daughter and I are! She just received a job from Costco and I'm praying that one will happen for me soon, as well.

    Sometimes it means taking a leap and trusting that your landing will be soft. Just leave yourself open to wherever He wants you to be.

  4. So sorry you haven´t found a job yet. I´m sure you will though. Maybe you should focus on how something else for now and try again a little later. You deserve a break.

  5. My prayers are with ya girl. Please correct me if I'm wrong but you did get a teaching degree didn't you??? A great way to earn some cash and get a foot in the door of education is to sign up to substitute. In the beginning it's slow to start but they will keep you busy as a little beaver and who knows what doors it might open up. Just a suggestion....

    God bless and I pray something works out for you soon and very soon!!!

  6. Hi Saranne, I'm just back from vacation and catching up on my reading. I am so sorry the job situation is not working out for you yet. I know how hard you've worked at it and how focused you've been. California is in such a sorry mess right now and it's trickling down to A LOT of people. I will hold good thoughts that you find an acceptable solution that will be exactly what YOU want. I'm cheering you on.
    xo jj