Friday, August 28, 2009

Gratitude and Back to School

I started school this week - this is my last semester (except for one class) - and then I'll have my B.A.!

While walking to class on Monday, my mind suddenly rewound to that day, 4 1/2 years ago, when I was walking to my first class as a college student. Looking at all the faces surrounding me and not seeing one face that was even remotely as mature (to put it kindly) as mine. Wondering how I was going to be received (rejected) by my fellow students. It was summer time, and I couldn't tell if I was having a hot flash, an anxiety attack, or if it was just plain H O T. While walking down the hill to class from the parking lot, I called my best friend in the whole world, Jan (more about her another time) and started to tell her how I was feeling. I was looking for a way out of doing what I had set out to do, reacting with the fight/flight syndrome, and hoping that she would endorse my fleeing from the parking lot. No such luck. She didn't even let me finish! As the eldest of eleven children (her family nickname was "Sarge"), Jan has had lots of experience in keeping people in line. Believe me, if she gives you "the look", she can have you jumping through hoops in no time! Lucky for me, she saves her "Sarge" side for when I REALLY NEED IT. "Missy, march down that hill and get you a** in that classroom". And I did.

I honestly don't know if I'd be in school today if it wasn't for her. And if I had chosen to flee that day, I know that my life would not be as rich or as full as it is today. Whenever the going has gotten tough throughout the adventure of being a college student and I've been tempted to just throw my hands up and walk away, I remember that conversation, and continue to show up. And I've been a successful student with a great GPA...and have loved every minute of having my brain "stretched".

Thank you, my friend - l love you to the stars, the sun, the moon and back!

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