Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Endeavor!

Fact:  Life is expensive, even for a starving student
Fact:  My financial resources are running short, due to my extended time in school, necessitated by caring for          Mom at the end of her life
Fact:  I am not willing to let go of my dream to become a teacher.
Fact:  I have at least one more year of school to go in order to get my teaching credential
Fact:  I need to make some money!

Solution:  Use my business experience and expertise to start my own business.

I've been working on this for the past few weeks, researching and preparing, printing business cards and brochures, dotting all of the "i's" and crossing all of the "t's".  Now the hard part comes:  Marketing myself and my business.  I did this once before, with some success.  But school and Mom's needs precluded my building on what I had going, and it fizzled.  I had enjoyed many referrals, and it was easy.  This time, I have to start cold and go in like gangbusters.  I am ready - I am motivated (poverty can do that to a person)! - and I am scared.  I wimped out today (my class didn't start until 4:00 p.m., and I had plenty of time in the morning to get myself into gear) - but I didn't.  Next window of opportunity is Wednesday - it's a school holiday - so no excuses!  I'm gonna get myself dressed up, made-up, and out the door first thing in the morning!  Please think good thoughts and send them my way!


  1. Get ready 'cause here they come....Good thought soaring bolting right to your heart. Feel 'em? I wish you great success in your newest endeavor, just like devil CAN do it. I'm expecting good news from you very soon!!!!

    Have a super~great day being the strong resourceful woman God made you to be!!!

  2. You must share what type of business it is! Curiousity is killin me!
    Oh, and Good Luck to you!

  3. I think you are very courageous to do all that you do and have done. I am sending you positive thoughts and good vibes always....:-) Hugs

  4. You are probably out and about today! Good luck!

  5. You are another inspiration to me. Go get'm girl!

    And come by my blog on Nov 12th because I've got an award for you!

  6. The best of luck to you - you've got pluck!