Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Bump in the Road...

So, things in my life aren't going exactly according to my plan...I've been here before, and things have always turned out for the better for me...but, I'm anxious and confused about what my next direction will be...I HAD planned to take a paid internship with the school system in order to be able to afford my teaching credential training....NONE of the school systems in my area are using this program for the next school year...gotta love the California budget problems!  Looking for a job is not panning out well at all...I get up each morning and scour the internet for job leads...tweak my resume and cover letters and responses....I've registered with temp agencies, and have had only a couple of jobs with them....have applied for every job that I thought I was even remotely qualified for, including restocking shelves at responses...I've advertised my two extra bedrooms for funds are running on empty....I have to remind myself that for me, it's always when things seem the most bleak that the right door, I am filling my days with chores around the house - all of the baseboards and moldings in my living room and hallways have been replaced and painted...I've signed up to volunteer at the library to teach reading to adults and children...the rose bushes in my back yard have been ferociously groomed...I'm more tan than I have been in years...working on finishing my bathroom remodel...and reminding myself that this too shall pass...


  1. I hope something comes your way soon. The hard part is the waiting....

  2. I understand more than you know. I am also in California and the job market is tough no matter what field you are looking in. Have you tried private schools? Also, try putting an ad in Craigslist. You may find someone interested in renting from there.

    I'm praying for you. Hang in there.

  3. I know things seem pretty dismal but you're finding positive ways to fill your time. Sometimes it's the extra things that we do, volunteering, gardening etc...that can open unexpected doors. During this period, you may realize your true strength through the perseverence. I'm also in California and understand how difficult it is to find work. You're on the right apth though, checking out every possible opportunity. Hang in there!

  4. It sounds as though you are good at a lot of things. "Call the Handy-Ma'am" for small painting and maintenance jobs around the house and garden. Also available for house-sitting and Dog-walking" (Filing, book-keeping, clutter management etc.... fill in the preferred skills.

    Go to nearby areas and put a little ad. up on any notice boards. Dog parks, private schools and riding stables often have people who need and can afford help with the minutiae of their lives.

    Good Luck.

  5. Oh Saranne, I am so sorry. California is such a mess right now and school are taking a really hard hit. It's a shame.

    I'll hold good thought for you that the right job will turn up in the nick of time.

    Hang in there,

  6. 'this too shall pass' wise words indeed........chin up, it will get better!!

  7. Honey, I totally hear you. Similar experience here in NY. I recently went to a seminar and they suggested a "functional" resume, as opposed to the traditional historical one. Also, tailoring each resume with keywords that match the job posting description.

    She also talked about staying current on internet FB, twitter, linked-in, etc.

    email me if you want (link should be on my sidebar) if you want to swap ideas.

    Sounds like you've got a great attitude about all of it...and you're getting a lot done in the interim...kudos to you!

  8. Hope something opens up for you.

  9. It will work out, as it has had before. Don't give up the hope. The good opportunity will come around. You are so passionate about your job and worked so hard to get here.

  10. Hey Saranne, I think you have a wonderful attitude to life and something marvelous will pop up for you. Your daughter and Grand daughters are all absolutely stunning and you sound like you have a wonderful family to support you.
    Take a look at my dad's blog:
    If you want to make a man in his sixties very, very happy it would make his day if you posted a comment! (Please don't tell him that I put you up to it) LV x

  11. This sounds strangely familiar :) The best of luck you Saranne!

  12. I think those budget woes are all over. Our schools in Oregon had to cut another 9% from already lean budgets. In a school budget the only place to cut is personnel.

    You're right to stay positive. The universe responds when you're open to posibilities.

    I just wrote a post about preparing for a job interview...I've got my fingers crossed. This is the first interview I've gotten after submitting numerous applications to school districts in the Austin, Texas area.

    Good luck and hang in there...the perfect opportunity is just around the corner.