Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Great Day...

spent with my dearest friends!  My life has become SO busy in different ways...the job hunt is taking up most of my time....time that was formerly spent studying and working on school work...which I much prefer...finances are tighter than they've ever been, but I'm still hanging in there...but having no disposable income precludes much in the way of a social life!

Jan and Paul are my rocks...they are more than family to me, and I love them dearly.  We've been friends ever since our daughters met at three years old in the sandbox at preschool.  We have LOTS of history together...the good times, the hilarious adventures, the sad times, the awful times...we raised our daughters together...we lead a Girl Scout troop together...we face Jan's Parkinsons matter what, we are there for each other, and I am blessed to have them in my life!

So, Paul bought us tickets for a bus trip to a casino yesterday...and yes, I went...not to gamble, but to shop at the outlet mall across the street from the casino....a three-hour bus trip both ways, broken up by a five-hour stay at the casino/mall...Jan and I headed to the mall, and my daughter (who lives 20 minutes away) met us there with Emma and Ashlyn.  We plundered the children's stores, and it was OK - different but OK - that I didn't buy anything for the girls...rather than focus on what I didn't have, I focused on what I DID have...and my heart was full.  I played with the girls and kept them occupied while Elizabeth and Jan shopped...Jan bought a darling dress for Emma (pictured above, jumping for joy!) - who is adamant about the fact that she will only wear dresses, skirts and shirts...and a good time was had by all....

On the way home, Paul and I were discussing my job search...he hadn't realized how long and how hard I've been looking....he has a niece who is the operations manager of a quality search firm, and he contacted her last resume is on the way, and she will see that it gets into the right hands....such a blessing!

It was a great day...spent away from the relentless focus of  searching for a job...basking in the love that surrounded me...the comfort that comes from being with friends who fit like a favorite pair of jeans...again, finding that elusive balance that makes me, like my Emma, jump for joy!


  1. Saranne, I love your attitude and I know it will carry you through....especially with good friends and delightful family. Your blog really touched write beautifully and, more important, express things wonderfully well.

    Re the peaks and the pits.........been there, done 83 years what I have found is that the pits are where you really learn the stuff that gets you through life.

    Good luck and God bless.

  2. Did you go to Morongo and Cabazon Outlet Mall? I have to admit that even though it is pretty close to where I live, I haven't been to the outlet mall yet. I'm glad that you were able to be surrounded by joy yesterday. Doesn't it lift your heart so much to have the love of family and friends? Hang in there, I know God has something good in store for you.

  3. I love outlet malls! I went to one near Seattle when we visited Canada a few years ago.
    That is so great, that you went with your friends and had a good time. It really does give you balance to not always focus on the job search. I hope you find something soon!

  4. What a fun day, ya just can't beat good friends, family and a good time. I am prayin' for your job search...I just know something perfect if around the corner for you. God's timing isn't always as rushed as ours...sometimes he just wants to teach us a thing or two. It'll happen.

    God bless and enjoy your day sweetie!

  5. It sounds like a really great day that will have lasting positive memories as you continue your job search. I'm cheering you on!

  6. Job hunting is time consuming, tiring, and discouraging I think. I sure wish you the best in your job search.

  7. thanks for dropping by...and l am a sara anne and often write my name as yours!!!howsat?!

    luv saz x