Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Best of All Worlds....

Today was a great day....I had to study for a BIG math exam in statistics and geometry....and I did it OUTSIDE...lying on a chaise...feeling the sun's rays on my back and shoulders...yes, I did put on sunscreen, but lying in the sun just feels so good to me...the soft breeze cooling me off...focusing on formulas and proofs....and then I realized that I was at almost eye-level with my grass lawn....WOW!  There is a whole other world going on down there....have you ever taken the time to look?  It was journey began with noticing a ladybug perched on a blade of eyes traveled downward along the blade....and found a world that I had never realized existed....the ladybug was a GIANT compared to the other lawn inhabitants that I observed...some were as small as pencil dots...all scurrying along with their own agenda...the sunlight caught the glimmer of a tiny spider web strung along individual leaves of grass...some insects were black, and others almost translucent...I'm going to have to buy a magnifying was hard to turn my attention form the world beneath me to the required studying....but I did...and once the exam is over, I'm planning to go back to inspect the world beneath my feet...JUST AWESOME!


  1. Nothing like seeing things through nature's eyes. Great idea to study outdoors. It beats being cooped up in the house, at a desk or table. Good luck on your math exam!

  2. There is a whole microscopic world to amaze us. I used to hike with a woman who brought along a high intensity magnifying glass so she could study lichens and small, as well as large beauty.

  3. Oh yes, there is a whole other world beneath our feet! Great buggy picture girl.

    God bless and have just a wonderful day!!!