Friday, May 28, 2010

Life on the Other Side....

...of graduation!
I can't believe that I seriously considered NOT going through the ceremony....many thanks to all who convinced me to change my mind!  It was a perfect ending to this chapter of my life, and the perfect bridge to the next...

My daughter got to see me realize the first step in my that we had been talking about since she was a little girl...

...and my granddaughters saw that dreams can come true with willingness and hard work!

Then it was time to let my hair down, so it was off to Disneyland for a few days with my sis and her family...

  ...after they got on the plane, I headed down to San Diego to attend Emma's graduation from Puggles (Awanas)...

...Emma was thrilled that she was graduating, just like Grammy.....of course, we all got silly with the ponytails, too...
Now I'm home in my (now) quiet house, basking in all of the wonderful memories while I clean up from the 10 tornadoes that were here....working on my Credential Program application....working on the bathroom...working on finding a job...working on plans for is GOOD!


  1. Congratulations, so happy for you. You are right life is good. Happy memorial weekend, xo

  2. I´m so glad you made it! Congrats again! Enjoy this phase, before you get a job. You deserve it!

  3. What a great thing to show your daughter and grandchildren.
    Fun, happy pics!

  4. You are the Wonder Woman of the fifty-something set. You're Doing It All!
    You're an inspiration.

    ....and just a little intimidating. :-P

  5. Congratulation!!! What a wonderful achievement!
    It seems there is nothing you can not do when you put your mind to it. You will be a wonderful teacher and a true role model for your future students, as you already are for your friends and your daughter.

  6. I think you totally Rock! But then like a friend says "Hey, 60 is the new 40" so we are still in the mix! Such a wonderful accomplishment! And such a role model for your kids, your grandkids, and anybody who knows what you accomplished. I salute you Madam!