Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heaven on Earth...

Yep, I got to experience a little of this over the past couple of days...headed down to San Diego to celebrate a belated Mothers Day with my daughter and her family...I arrived at the house before they had returned from doing an errand, and Emma and I did a "happy dance" on the front lawn when we greeted each other...then littly Ashlyn joined the fun...Elizabeth had created an incredible t-shirt top for me....pictures to follow when I get them off the camera....talented doesn't even begin to describe her creative gifts...I also received a gorgeous orchid plant that I will try to keep alive...Emma insisted that we "make my bed" (a pull-out sleeper couch) so that she could be sure that I would be staying and not going home...I sleep with Ashlyn in her room, and she woke me with leaning out of her crib as far as she could and saying "hi" to me over and over...of course, I couldn't resist, and brought her into bed with me to cuddle as we snoozed...as I awoke again, I was surrounded by TWO little ones, crawling all over  me, patting my face, and being called upon to "Grammy wake up"  What a perfect way to start the day...and it only got better from there!  Did errands in the morning and put the girls down for naps while Elizabeth and I tackled prepping her kitchen for paint....Ashlyn wasn't having anything to do with napping, so I sprung her from her crib and we played with the baby dolls, danced, and hung out while Elizabeth painted...Emma woke up just as Ashlyn was giving up the ghost....so i got to have one on one time with her too...she's decided that Mommy and Daddy need to go on a trip so that Grammy can come and stay and take care of her and Ashlyn...and you know I just hate hearing things like this!  I just feel so BLESSED to have them all in my life...and the fact that we don't have to go out and do special "stuff", but can just stay within the rhythm of a normal day and have the time of our lives!  Elizabeth and I have a wonderful rhythm when we're together....I respect her attitudes and priorities in the raising of her girls, and have no problem in being consistent with the rules that she has for them.  In return, she trusts me with her girls, and we just naturally do what needs to be done to care for them and get other stuff done at the same time...we're a great team!  The joy of seeing what wonderful parents my grandchildren have, what awesome children they are, and the fact that I am welcomed into being a part of all of this is truly a piece of heaven on earth for me!


  1. It is such a blessings to see our children being great parents. Glad you had an awesome Mothers Day with your daughter and her family.

    PS: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

  2. Heavenly to read about too!

  3. Your grandkiddos have wonderful parents because somebody took the time and energy to raise them. My hubby always says if ya don't raise your kids well, you'll be raisin' your grandkids.

    God bless and you have yourself a fantastic day!!!

  4. You make me long for grandkids of my own -- but all in good time. I wish my girls had had grandmas and grandpas around when they were little. My husbands parents died before my girls were out of diapers; and my parents were hundreds of miles and a gulf stream away from us. My eldest did get to "adopt" some grandparents; so they were blessed there.

    Enjoy them, oh, enjoy them!

  5. I loved reading about the time you spent with your daughter and granddaughter, it is nice to know how you appreciate your blessings...Hugs

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful, Grandma kind of weekend. These are such precious moments. I'm sure your grands will remember their special time with you for a long time.

  7. Yep, waking to beautiful babies is absolutely paradise! Glad you Mother's Day was so special. I'll be watching for the photos.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day celebration to me. I know how much I've appreciated my parents and in laws relationship with my children, and their care of them when my hubs and I had opportunities for travel or special events. I've definitely filed that away for when my own have their children. Grandmas are special people : )