Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happiness Is...

Clean linens on my bed
Finding the right tiles for my bathroom floor
Being OK with getting a "B" on my science lab midterm
Planting fall flowers in my hanging baskets
Skyping with those I love
After falling off the wagon with giving up smoking, back to not smoking again - Day #7
Not being crazed because of not smoking
A good cup of coffee
Planting purple, yellow and red potatoes for Emma
Wearing my "traveling gnome" pjs with my sock monkey slippers
Having a "good hair" day
Having a massage
Watching the little trick-or-treater's eyes light up when they get their candy! (I actually had one little one try to give me some of their candy....awww!)


  1. I would love giving out candy on Halloween. Must be so much fun, seeing the little one in costumes.

  2. The simple, everyday things are the ones that brings us the happiness of a brief, treasured moment, the peace of mind of the present. How right you are.