Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Look Out, Mickey!

I took today off from school - just stayed home and listened to the music of the raindrops falling on my rooftop. It's on days like today that I miss having a fireplace......but I did light my pumpkin candles! I missed having Spencer at my feet, but I am at peace with my decision.

Spent lots of time studying for a midterm tomorrow in my science lab....I really don't care to know how to calculate the magnitude of an earthquake by reading a seismograph, to plot the latitude and longitude of a location, or calculate how many miles are in 4.2 lightyears, the diameter of sun and the earth, or to recognize various rocks, minerals and fossils, etc. etc. etc.... but I need to know this stuff to pass the exam. So, with raindrops falling and candles burning, I think I've crammed enough useless information into my brain to make my way through it tomorrow.

After the exam is when the GOOD TIMES start to roll! I'm headed back down to San Diego tomorrow after classes to be with the family. Did you know that Disneyland gives you a free admission ticket for your birthday? (2009 only....). And since Emma is only 2 3/4, she gets free admission too. On Thursday (my birthday), just the two of us will head up to the happiest place on Earth! Emma is already a Disneyland veteran, and has mapped out our entire itinerary: 1st stop: Disney Princesses (she's princess-mad, and hasn't gotten to do this yet) 2nd stop: Small World (I think twice through listening to that song will be my limit) 3rd stop: Matterhorn ....and the list goes on and on! Oh, and she's in the middle of potty training. I know already that this will be a birthday that I will never forget, and I wouldn't have it any other way - I'm excited!


  1. What fun to live so close to Disney! Have a great time!

  2. Sounds like a blast and a half! Memories you can both treasure on your blessed events. Happy, happy birthday to you both. I know you'll do great on your exam. Your livin' your dreams. :o)

    Good for you on taking a needed day for yourself and have a super day today. My prayers are with you on the exam. Have a great time and God bless!!!

  3. Hope you did well on your test today! Have a great time at Disney and Happy Birthday to you!!

  4. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful time at Disneyland. it sounds like you have a great day planned.

  5. That is quite a deal for the two of you! Have fun.. I went on my birthday too!

    Next year they are giving fre tickets if you spend a day volunteering at one of their designated charities.