Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Five Words.....

My new blog friend Betty from A Glimpse Into Midlife sent me five words to post about.....it's making me think and reflect! If you'd like to join in, just send me a comment and I'll send you five words!

Marriage - Been there, done that. Twice, as a matter of fact.....but I don't take it lightly. First time at 19 to my first love....what did we know (and what were we thinking)? And besides, I needed to get out of my home...Second time at 29.....my "picker" was broken, and I did not choose well. Lasted around 3 or so years, and I received the greatest gift of my life during this time....my daughter! The rest of it was pretty ugly, and I had to leave in order to save both myself and my daughter. This doesn't mean that I don't hold marriage as a priority - I do, and I respect and admire those couples who have weathered their storms together and become stronger as a result. I believe that we were intended to have a partner to share our lives with....and if it is meant to be for me, it will happen! If not, I am just dandy on my own!

Health - I have been blessed with such good physical health for these almost 58 years....no diseases or serious illnesses. However, my definition of health encompasses not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual realms as well. In the latter's cases, it's been a roller coaster of a ride, but I am in an awesome place these days. Hard-earned, and lessons will continue to be learned, but I have no regrets for the bumps in the road (which have sometimes had to be a 2x4 hitting me right between the eyes in order for me to "get" it!) that I have endured and worked through in order to be at a place of spiritual peace and emotional balance. Of course, tomorrow could bring a new set of challenges, so I am enjoying my abundant health each and every day, and taking each day as it comes!

Passion - I believe that we all have a passion-some of us just have to dig deeper in order to find it. Once we discover what our passion is, we do ourselves a huge disservice if we ignore what speaks to our souls and don't incorporate that passion into some aspect of our lives. For me, that passion is kids of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors. I've been given a tremendous gift in the form of the ability to relate to them - I'm sure it's because I have never forgotten what it felt like to be a kid myself - I can still "speak kid!" This is a part of myself that I just cherish, and the willingness to use my gift has already enriched my life beyond measure. This passion lead me to completely change my life about four years ago, when I quit my corporate job and enrolled full-time in....

College - because I know that I want to reach more kids and affect their lives in a meaningful way. I think that most of us can remember at least one special teacher who did more for us than just teach us the curriculum - who had a hand in shaping the unique individuals that we are today. I want to be one of those people....So, I went to college to become a teacher! I will graduate in December with my B.A. (finally) and begin my credential program in the spring. At the beginning of this adventure, I wasn't certain that I had it in me - but I do! I believe that we can all find a way to do the things that bring meaning for each of us into our lives. It may not take the form that we envisioned when we were younger, but there's always a way to figure out how to do it!

Grandkids - I saved the best for last! Before I comment on them, I have to comment on their mother, my daughter. She is an incredible young woman who did not have a broken "picker". She always dated quality young men, and picked the best of the bunch! I am so blessed by having her and her young family in my life......it is so awesome to be a part of this all, and to watch her and her husband grow in their partnership and their parenting together. It's truly a privilege. My two granddaughters, Emma (2 1/2) and Ashlyn (10 months) have awesome parents (and a really
fun "Grammy")! I am forging a wonderful relationship with both of "my girls", and treasure the times that we have together. I love the generational "distance" between us - when I have them, I am responsible for them, but I get to play with them and then give them back....I'm not "on 24/7"- the best of all worlds! But most importantly, my daughter and son-in-law trust me with their children. My girls just make me smile, and they live close enough that if my arms just get aching for them, I can jump in the car and drive 3 hours and get my hugs.....it's just the best!


  1. This was so interesting for me! I feel like I really go to know you much better. I´m so happy you have such adorable grandkids in your life and I think it´s great that you found your passion and you´re doing something about it. Can´t wait to "see" you graduate. That must be so exciting!

  2. Thanks for sharing and lettin' us get to know ya' better. Grandkids are the bomb. I can't get enough of them, totally addicted.

    Ya'll have a wonderful day and congratulations on your bathroom tiles.

  3. Very honest and uplifting, and college too ! Great post.

  4. Your five words shared a lot about yourself. I especially admire your outlook on "health". Good health.... ahhh!