Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Did It!

I've been struggling with a situation for a couple of weeks. I needed to tell someone close to me that I needed something from them. I had made it crazy-complicated in my own head, visualizing less than perfect responses to my request and my feelings of rejection to the "no" answer. Finally got sick and tired of the anxiety and avoidance of stating my needs and visualized stating them clearly and calmly. Stopped worrying what the other person's reaction or answer to my request would be. Clarity at last. The exercise was about letting another person know what I needed - something that is extremely difficult for me to do....I protect myself from being rejected by others by being self-sufficient. Learning that there is a definite balance between total self-sufficiency (which isolates me from others) and accepting the fact that I do need to practice intimacy with the people in my life. This is a trust issue. But. the better and stronger I grow in learning,loving and liking who I am sets the stage for this next foray into learning my limits, expressing my needs and my expectations. Good stuff!
P.S. LESSON LEARNED: My request was well delivered, simply stating my facts and my needs; itwas well received and agreed upon. I amd SO GOOD at complicating things....simpler is easier and better, and less stress-inducing for everone involved.

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  1. I can so totally relate. I do this all the time! When the time comes, the moment passes and I sit looking back wondering what all my fuss was about!